Water butt

David Brennan asked 11 years ago

I want to install a water butt plus pump to water garden – do you have any recommendations? Back garden is about 20 meters long, planted on 3 sides, 2 mature trees at back wall, have planters on all sides of front garden. Have recently renovated so builder will install from downpipe. Garden drains very well as on slope so soil tends to be dry. I’m not sure what is an appropriate size ie 100 litre or 200 litre.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Only young plants and some vegetables should be watered. Few, if any, well-placed established plants should need water in this climate.

It is hardly worth having a pump for 200 litres. but there are small pumps, Try Mr Middleton.

Using a watering can from a water barrel encourages economical use.