weeds in allotment

michael o\’ donoghue asked 12 years ago
I was just wondering if there are any weedkillers out there that can be used on an organic allotment. if not what is the closest to organic available. We went away for 2 weeks and things have been completely swamped. Thanks michael

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The best weedkiller for an allottment is a hoe, used when the weeds are small. Had the seedling weeds been cleared before your deparature, they would not have swamped the plants in just two weeks.

Weedkillers are not practical when there are vegetables present.

Hand-weeding among vegetable plants and scuffling strong weeds with a spade in the alleyways are the only ways it can be done, organic or not.

On the bright side, this problem usually only happens once.