What is the name of our trees

Marietje Murphy asked 13 years ago
Hello, 1st thanks for answering my other questions. I have four mature and several sapling deciduous trees but do not know the name or anything else other than they are spreading into a small copse at the end of the garden. They leaf in spring with a middle green leaf, as the summer progresses the leaves turn a beautiful verigated magnolia/pink. They have lost the leaves earlier this year. Have been told they are a type of popular and as they grow taller their roots sread to vast lengths? as my son has a house just beyound the end of the garden I need to know if it is necessary to chop these treesd down?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The tree is a poplar called Populus candicans ‘Aurora’. The roots spread no more than any other poplar., and they are prone to poplar canker disease which is very disfiguring when they get older.