Which roses to pick

Alan Kelly asked 10 years ago
I am thinking about planting a bed of roses but am not sure which type to use. I want to plant red and yellow roses. Can you advise if it is better to plant florabunda or hybrid tea roses. Which of these would give better effect. What type of rose would you recommend as there seems to be a significant difference between the cost of rose bushes: varies from €6 and €12? The area that I want to plan the roses in are located at the front north facing side of the house.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Floribunda roses, or cluster-flowered types, are easier to manage than most hybrid teas and stand up to weather better. North-facing is not great, if it means that light is reduced in any way, as roses like full sunshine. Although floribuda types will cope better.

Prices vary due to popularity and sometimes, plant breeders rights on the newer kinds.

The best thing is to visit the Rose Garden in St Annes Park, Clontarf, Dublin and see how roses can be used and choose varieties that you like, matching them to your requirements.