Willow tree, Aphids, and Wasps

Natalie Harrower asked 10 years ago

My back garden willow (which I aggressively pruned in the Spring) is massively infested with black aphids, and in the last couple of weeks, their honeydew has been attracting wasps. The wasps make it difficult to be in the garden, plus, I need to prune the willow, but risk being stung. Is there anyway I can get rid of the aphids, and thereby also get rid of the wasps? I’m attaching a pic of the aphids in case I have the wrong bug.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It is common for waps to feed on the aphid honeydew on willow.

Towards evening, the wasps go back to the nest for the night and you can spray the willow with a garden insecticide.

The wasps are not aggressive when collecting this food, in any case, and wil not attack unless caught in hair or clothes.