Withering leaves on chillies

Ciaran Meagher asked 15 years ago

I have been growing 4 different species of chilli peppers in my greenhouse, in pots. Whilst I planted the seeds quite late (mid May, owing to the fact that I was building my greenhouse!), 3 of the plants have started to produce chillies.However, the leaves are withering a bit at the moment, despite keeping them watered, and there is no sign of whitefly/greenfly etc. The actual peppers look healthy enough.Any ideas what the problem is, if any, or is this usual?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Chilli plants often lose some leaves late in the season, but you could be over-watering too. Allow them to dry a little now because you want the emphasis on the chillies rather than new leafy growth. In general, they have enough energy in the plant to develop the chillies, but it might run quite late. Too much watering can cause rotting.