Yellowing cupressus

shazz samsudin asked 14 years ago

I have 2 lemon-scented cupressus wilma that I put by my front door, which is south facing. I noticed that the exposed sides of the plants have turned yellow and looked ‘fried’. Is this sun/wind damage? For now I have rotated them, but was wondering would the yellowed side recover, or should I trim them lightly? They do look rather tatty.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Yellow cypresses or any kind of plant with colour other that normal green is more prone to drying out and scorching of the foliage by sunshine or cold, drying winds, probably the latter in this case.

These plants need quite good shelter.

If the scorch is just on the surface, the foliage will re-grow though some light trimming might be needed to re-balance the shape of the plants.