yew hedging

Helen Gough asked 13 years ago

Hi Jerry. we planting yew hedging approx 4 ft tall in April. on a border of a sloped garden. We have been very careful with watering when necessary. Wen we found it bronzing and some of plants loosing leaves one foot from the soil, we added more soil and some suitables feed. It still doesn’t look great and chatting with a friend her hedge looks great and was planted at the same time. Her garden is’nt sloped. We have acid soil ? Should we be concerned or do we give it time to settle in? Thank you ,Nell

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If yew hedging went brown, it was either short of water at some stage, or the roots were in heavy, overly wet soil. Acid soil has no bearing on it. There is the possibility of planting too deeply — the tops of the rootballs should be at the level of the soil surface.

If there is any green, they will probably recover, but if the ground is very wet they might not. It will likely be a case of planting up gaps in spring.