can i trim my eucalyptus tree?

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Ellen Scanlon asked 14 years ago

My eucalyptus tree has 2 trunks as such, the main trunk is about 2-3 inchs thick but the second is about an inch, Can i cut this second one off? The lady in the garden centre said this “arm” was supporting the main trunk. Its in the ground a year now and is doing brilliantly, a lot of growth this year. My mother did not cut her one off when she planted hers 20years ago but it is massive and she had the room for it.I want to be able to sit/walk under mine, can i trim these lower branches?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
You can remove whatever parts you think are out of place. This can be done at any time but the best time is in spring before new growth begins and healing is most active.