Correct time to transplant a Camelia & Fuschia

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Mary Ryan asked 13 years ago

I have to move a Camelia (Donation) which is about 15 years old as it is squashed. I also have to move a Fushia (large variety with pale pink flowers) which is about 15 years as it is hiding some smaller plants.When is the best time to move both of these shrubs please?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Camellia of that age will be more difficult to move successfully than the fuchsia which is reasonably easy and can be moved any time during the dormant season.

The camellia should be prepared for moving over two years, digging a semi-circle trench around one side, cutting the roots and back-filling. Then cut the other side the following year and move it the following March or October.

This improves its chances, or else just consider removing the competing plants near it.