New Laurel Hedge Beginning To Go Yellow

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john keating asked 12 years ago

On 5th Nov I planted 25 bare-root laurels where lawn meets the path in front of the house. (replacing frost damaged escallonia). Approx 20 inches apart. I used a mixture of compost and the soil which is poor enough. Mixed in a handful of ckicken manure per plant. The leaves are going yellow on about 33% of them already. The soil has gravel under it so I doubt its waterlogged. I put each plant well into the ground, maybe too much, I dont know. I made a little mound to keep off water logging and everything looks alright, except about 7/8 plants look like there wont make it. Demoralising as I am an amatuer. Considering building a wall if the hedge doesn’t come on.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
There are two possible errors.

The first is using too much rich fertiliser too close to the young plants. Fertiliser, if used at planting, should be well mixed into the surrounding soil by taking out a good hole and mixing it in the bottom.

The second is over-deep planting. This can kill plants or cause very poor growth. The roots should nbt be plant any more deeply than they were in the nursery, which means the first root should not be more than 2 centimetres below the surface.