Pruning trees

ceebee asked 13 years ago

I live in Sligo – I had a tree surgeon lined up to prune some trees in November after leaf fall – but then of course we had very cold weather so it has not yet been done. The trees are 22 years old – Birch Jacqmonteii, Beech and a Rowan. I’m wondering how long it takes the cuts to “heal”…. how long a window do I have after pruning before I can afford to get frost? I am keen to get it done before sap starts to rise so don’t want to leave it too late in the winter to get it done.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Frost does not affect pruning cuts.

But 22-year old birches trees should only be pruned in one way … the bottom branches can be taken off to reveal the trunk.  The tops should never be cut as the tree is spoiled and disease can set in.

If the trees are too big they should be taken down completely, or at least a suitable number removed to create the space or light needed.