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  • 13 November 2017 - Munroe
    I have grown some Cape Gooseberry plants from seed. One is fruiting now but the leaves are going brown... (More)
    The brown edges are a good indicator that you may have missed watering for a few days and the plant has... (More)
  • 12 November 2017 - henlen
    I had read somewhere that if you put fallen leaves into a plastic bag and store them, they will turn... (More)
    It is likely there was not enough air getting in. Also, the leaves may have been naturally soft, such... (More)
  • 7 November 2017 - James martin
    Going planting griselinia hedging - any general advice re planting , depth , spacing and ground preparation... (More)
    It does best closer to the coast.Plant about 50 to 60cm apart, in good soil, not too wet in winter, in... (More)
  • 5 November 2017 - SuzyH
    Can you please tell me what this tree is? Can I harvest the seeds to bring back and plant when I move... (More)
    This is a species of euonymus or spindle tree. Which species is difficult to say.The seeds are best sown... (More)
  • 23 October 2017 - 19529
    I have a beautiful bouganvillea which thrived all summer and is still covered in flower, how do I manage... (More)
    Bougainvillea is tender and needs to be treated as a houseplant and kept indoors in a heated conservatory... (More)
  • 20 October 2017 - Noirin
    I have a plastic compost bin. When I open the lid loads of earthworms fall down. Where do they come from?... (More)
    These are compost worms, specialists at breaking down plant material, as in a wormery. They probably... (More)
  • 16 October 2017 - DonFoley
    My Dahlias and Rudbeckia have all been knocked to the ground. I will have to cut them all back now as... (More)
    Even though knocked over, plants that are still green continue to photosynthesise and build up reserves... (More)
  • 14 October 2017 - sylvester
    Spring-planted Portuguese laurel showing slight yellowing on some plants. Bonemeal was added at time... (More)
    Some yellowing is normal and due to the plants adapting to their new location. Give some tree and shrub... (More)
  • 10 October 2017 - madster
    I tried to sow Creeping Thyme as grass alternative last August. I dug few inches off the existing... (More)
    There is no true replacement for grass as a lawn plant. Thyme you could regard as a ground cover alternative.Creeping... (More)
  • 6 October 2017 - ANGIE
    Codling moth can affect apples and is more severe in some seasons. Collect and destroy affected apples... (More)

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