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  • 16 April 2015 - Grace60
    Have you ever heard of a Moon Flower? Its a flower that comes out when the sun goes down and has a wonderful... (More)
    Moon flower is a type of cactus, Cereus, flowers at night and is scented.It is hard to find, not a standard... (More)
  • 14 April 2015 - KenRowlands
    when you list rabbit proof plants/shrubs does this also mean hares? (More)
    Yes, all grazing animals. Most of the plants they avoid are distasteful or poisonous. (More)
  • 13 April 2015 - PatriciaMonaghan
    Can you name this plant? They are sprouting out of the ground in my son's garden (More)
    This is red valerian, Centranthus ruber, a garden plant from southern Europe, that self-sows mainly on... (More)
  • 12 April 2015 - dgg61
    My wife and I visited your beautiful country, last fall. I took a picture of a plant near the Ring of... (More)
    This is Gunnera tinctoria, native to Chile, and naturalised in Western Ireland, where it is now out-competing... (More)
  • 12 April 2015 - Madra
    I purchased an assortment of fruit bushes from a supermarket and am not entirely sure which is the... (More)
    Dig the soil, take out a hole and plant to the depth of the pot . Water well after planting and during... (More)
  • 12 April 2015 - Wellie
    This tree spent 2 yrs in a large tub then went in the ground, the surrounding hedge has grown almost... (More)
    The Umbrella tree is in a good position and should be given priority. Move all the competition plants... (More)
  • 11 April 2015 - higgins
    can i buy a small quantity (40-50) of annual bedding flowers for pots and baskets (lobelia,trailing surfinia,etc.)in... (More)
    Some garden cenres now stock these, such as Orchard in Celbridge and Newlands in CLondalkin. Perhaps... (More)
  • 11 April 2015 - buds
    I was wondering if you could tell me where I could purchase a red Passion flower as I have the purple... (More)
    Red passion flower would not be a stock item in garden centres, but only appear occasionally. Johnstown... (More)
  • 10 April 2015 - DavidKeane
    I've a wooden arbour in the garden (which has good soil throughout) and there are some mature climbers... (More)
    It is unlikely that the climbers you mention are rooted to that depth.... the roots probably belonged... (More)
  • 9 April 2015 - Kinsaletrish
    I have a gorgeous pink lady apple tree growing at my allotment. Last night I noticed a hole in the trunk... (More)
    This might be apple canker which is a diease of wet conditions and high rainfall. Remove grass or mulch... (More)

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